Covid Info at Le Général d'Elbée


Covid 19 informations

Le Général d’Elbée – Hotel & Spa has implemented a new protocol to protect your health and safety, as well as our employees’.


Pass Sanitaire

Since March 14 2022, it is no longer required.

Strenghtening hygiene and cleaning measures

– Implementation of a cleaning and disinfection plan for surfaces, work equipment, door handles and knobs, payment areas, staircase ramps, furniture and, more generally, any object and surface likely to have been contaminated.
– Use of cleaning and disinfection products recommended by the competent authorities to eliminate Covid-19.
– Cleaning of linen, towels, work clothes and other clothing at a suitable temperature to remove Covid-19.
– The storage on site of various supplies, linen, towels, working clothes and other clothing are carried out in appropriate sanitary conditions.
– Regular checking of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Prevention measures applied by our team

– For bar and breakfast staff, hand washing/gel is intended at least every hour, including counter staff.
– In the kitchen, there is a handwash every 30 minutes and the facemask is worn.

Preventive measures for our guests

– Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser available in the lobby.
– Physical distancing, based on 1 metre between 2 tables of guests. At the counter, a distance of 1 metre will be ensured between everyone.
– Each table have a maximum of 4 seats.
– Contactless payment is preferred, and payment at the table is encouraged.